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2014Borneo vortex and mesoscale convective rainfallKoseki, Shunya; Koh, Tieh Yong; Teo, Chee Kiat
2010Nadir correction of AIRS radiancesTeo, Chee Kiat; Koh, Tieh Yong
2011Principal component analysis of observed and modeled diurnal rainfall in the maritime continentTeo, Chee Kiat; Koh, Tieh Yong; Lo, Jeff Chun Fung; Bhatt, Bhuwan Chandra
2010Statistical dynamics of equatorial waves in tropical radiosonde wind dataDjamil, Y. S.; Koh, Tieh Yong; Teo, Chee Kiat
2009Toward a mesoscale observation network in Southeast AsiaKoh, Tieh Yong; Teo, Chee Kiat