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2020Current evidence on traditional Chinese exercise for cancers : a systematic review of randomized controlled trialsSong, Yang; Sun, Dong; István, Bíró; Thirupathi, Anand; Liang, Minjun; Teo, Ee-Chon; Gu, Yaodong
 2012The effect of threshold value on the architectural parameters and stiffness of human cancellous bone in micro ct analysisYan, Ya-Bo; Qi, Wei; Qiu, Tian-Xia; Teo, Ee-Chon; Lei, Wei
2012Finite element study of the mechanical response in spinal cord during the thoracolumbar burst fractureYan, Ya-Bo; Qi, Wei; Wu, Zi-Xiang; Qiu, Tian-Xia; Teo, Ee-Chon; Lei, Wei