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 2013The Effect of Intrinsic Defects on Resistive Switching Based on p–n HeterojunctionZheng, K.; Sun, Xiao Wei; Teo, K. L.
2015Electron velocity of 6 × 107 cm/s at 300 K in stress engineered InAlN/GaN nano-channel high-electron-mobility transistorsArulkumaran, S.; Ng, G. I.; Manoj Kumar, C. M.; Ranjan, K.; Teo, K. L.; Shoron, O. F.; Rajan, S.; Bin Dolmanan, S.; Tripathy, S.
2012Resistive switching in a GaOx-NiOx p-n heterojunctionSun, Xiaowei; Leck, Kheng Swee; Zheng, K.; Zhao, J. L.; Vinh, V. Q.; Zhao, R.; Yeo, Y. G.; Law, L. T.; Teo, K. L.
2014A ZnTaOx based resistive switching random access memoryZheng, K.; Zhao, J. L.; Leck, K. S.; Teo, K. L.; Yeo, E. G.; Sun, X. W.