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2020COVID-19 : what changes – and what doesn’tAng, Benjamin; Sumpter, Cameron; Leong, Dymples; Haciyakupoglu, Gulizar; Yang, Jennifer Hui; Franco, Joseph; Muhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman; Mohsina, Nazneen; Vasu, Norman; Reich, Pauline C.; Jayakumar, Shashi; Tan, Eugene E. Guang; Teo, Li-Ling; Teo, Terri-Anne; Wong, Yasmine
2016Elected Presidency: The Factor of Unintended ConsequencesTeo, Terri-Anne
2019Intelligence : Evolving Limitations and ContributionsScarlett, John; Teo, Terri-Anne
2020Nationalism and cosmopolitanism : a post-pandemic balance?Teo, Terri-Anne
 2019Perceptions of meritocracy in Singapore : inconsistencies, contestations and biasesTeo, Terri-Anne