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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20052D object segmentation and matching using B-spline modelWang, Yue
20073D object segmentation using deformable modelsChen, Xujian
2000Adaptive controller for improving the dynamic accuracy of a robot performing a repetitive taskTeoh, Eam Khwang; Er, Meng Hwa
1999Analysis of gray-level corner detectionZheng, Zhiqiang.
 2019Asymptotic stabilization of nonholonomic robots leveraging singularityLi, Zhengguo; Gao, Wenchao; Goh, Changzuo; Yuan, Miaolong; Teoh, Eam Khwang; Ren, Qinyuan
2002Automated visual inspection of IC packagesU Maung Maung Thet
1993Colour segmentation under illumination fluctuationsNgoi, Kian Peng.
2002Deformable models for object extraction and matchingXue, Zhong.
2000Design and implementation of adaptive controllers for robotic manipulator using digital signal processing (DSP) chipsTeoh, Eam Khwang; Er, Meng Hwa; Wang, Dan Wei; Wang, Jianliang
2002Design and implementation of an automated face detection and recognition systemGu, Qian.
2001Development of a high performance outdoor autonomous navigation systemTeoh, Eam Khwang; Wang, Dan Wei; Wang, Han; Wijesoma, Wijerupage Sardha; Balasuriya, Arjuna Prabhath
2002Development of a robust road localization algorithm for outdoor AGVLiu, Li Fan.
2011Enhancing local binary patterns distinctiveness for face representationGhahramani, Mohammad; Yau, Wei-Yun; Teoh, Eam Khwang
2004Face recognition based on Bayesian shape modelYan, Bing
2011Fast face detection and localization from multi-views using statistical approachTeoh, Eam Khwang; Anvar, Seyed Mohammad Hassan; Yau, Wei-Yun
2012Feature extraction through binary pattern of phase congruency for facial expression recognitionShojaeilangari, Seyedehsamaneh; Yau, Wei-Yun; Li, Jun; Teoh, Eam Khwang
2012Finding the correspondence points in images of multi-viewsYau, Wei-Yun; Teoh, Eam Khwang; Anvar, Seyed Mohammad Hassan
2014A framework for semantic people description in multi-camera surveillance systemsZhou, Zhi; Wang, Yue; Teoh, Eam Khwang
2014Human action recognition with video data : research and evaluation challengesRamanathan, Manoj; Yau, Wei-Yun; Teoh, Eam Khwang
1992A hybrid approach towards the segmentation of range images for 3-D object recognitionLim, Alan Wui Tze.