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2021G. sinense and P. notoginseng extracts improve healthspan of aging flies and provide protection in a Huntington disease modelTeseo, Serafino; Houot, Benjamin; Yang, Kaiye; Monnier, Véronique; Liu, Guangrong; Tricoire, Hervé
2020Microbial associates and social behavior in antsSclocco, Alessio; Teseo, Serafino
2019The scent of symbiosis : gut bacteria may affect social interactions in leaf-cutting antsTeseo, Serafino; van Zweden, Jelle S.; Pontieri, Luigi; Kooij, Pepijn W.; Sørensen, Søren J.; Wenseleers, Tom; Poulsen, Michael; Boomsma, Jacobus J.; Sapountzis, Panagiotis
2020Why behavioral neuroscience still needs diversity? : A curious case of a persistent needMathuru, Ajay S.; Libersat, Frédéric; Vyas, Ajai; Teseo, Serafino