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2020Activity tracker-based metrics as digital markers of cardiometabolic health in working adults : cross-sectional studyRykov, Yuri; Thach, Thuan-Quoc; Dunleavy, Gerard; Roberts, Adam Charles; Christopoulos, George I.; Soh, Chee-Kiong; Car, Josip
2020Association between shift work and poor sleep quality in an Asian multi-ethnic working population : a cross-sectional studyThach, Thuan-Quoc; Mahirah, Dhiya; Dunleavy, Gerard; Zhang, Yichi; Nazeha, Nuraini; Rykov, Yuri; Nah, Audrey; Roberts, Adam Charles; Christopoulos, George I.; Soh, Chee-Kiong; Car, Josip
2021Digital biomarkers for depression screening with wearable devices: cross-sectional study with machine learning modelingRykov, Yuri; Thach, Thuan-Quoc; Bojic, Iva; Christopoulos, George; Car, Josip
2021The importance of air quality for underground spaces : an international survey of public attitudesYap, Hui Shan; Roberts, Adam Charles; Luo, Chengwen; Tan, Zheng; Lee, Eun Hee; Thach, Thuan-Quoc; Kwok, Kian-Woon; Car, Josip; Soh, Chee Kiong; Christopoulos, George I.
2019A multifactorial approach to sleep and its association with health-related quality of life in a multiethnic Asian working population : a cross-sectional analysisDunleavy, Gerard; Tonon, André Comiran; Chua, Ai Ping; Zhang, Yichi; Cheung, Kei Long; Thach, Thuan-Quoc; Rykov, Yuri; Soh, Chee Kiong; Christopoulos, Georgios; de Vries, Hein; Car, Josip
2019Risk factors for non-communicable diseases at baseline and their short-term changes in a workplace cohort in SingaporeSathish, Thirunavukkarasu; Dunleavy, Gerard; Soljak, Michael; Visvalingam, Nanthini; Nazeha, Nuraini; Divakar, Ushashree; Bajpai, Ram; Thach, Thuan-Quoc; Cheung, Kei Long; de Vries, Hein; Soh, Chee Kiong; Christopoulos, Georgios I.; Car, Josip