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2017Environment‐adaptive coassembly/self‐sorting and stimulus‐responsiveness transfer based on cholesterol building blocksXing, Pengyao; Li, Peizhou; Chen, Hongzhong; Xiang, Huijing; Zhao, Yanli; Tham, Phoebe Huijun
2018Independent of EPR effect : a smart delivery nanosystem for tracking and treatment of nonvascularized intra-abdominal metastasesZhao, Lingzhi; Yuan, Wei; Li, Junyao; Yang, Liqiang; Su, Yaoquan; Peng, Juanjuan; Chen, Rui; Tham, Phoebe Huijun; Chen, Hongzhong; Lim, Wei Qi; Xiang, Huijing; Xing, Pengyao; Li, Fuyou; Zhao, Yanli
2019NIR-light-activated combination therapy with a precise ratio of photosensitizer and prodrug using a host-guest strategyChen, Hongzhong; Zeng, Xiaowei; Tham, Phoebe Huijun; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Cheng, Wei; Zeng, Wenfeng; Shi, Haoran; Mei, Lin; Zhao, Yanli
13-Dec-2018Studies of silica-hybrid nanoparticles with targeting and photodynamic capabilities for the topical therapy of melanomaTham, Phoebe Huijun