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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Angiotensin type 2 receptor activation promotes browning of white adipose tissue and brown adipogenesisThan, Aung; Xu, Shaohai; Li, Ru; Leow, Melvin Khee-Shing; Sun, Lei; Chen, Peng
2019Antimicrobial microneedle patch for treating deep cutaneous fungal infectionZan, Ping; Than, Aung; Duong, Phan Khanh; Song, Juha; Xu, Chuanhui; Chen, Peng
2014Apelin attenuates oxidative stress in human adipocytesChen, Peng; Poh, Chueh Loo; Chong, Seow Khoon; Than, Aung; Zhang, Xiaohong; Leow, Melvin Khee-Shing
2015Apelin Enhances Brown Adipogenesis and Browning of White AdipocytesThan, Aung; He, Hui Ling; Chua, Si Hui; Xu, Dan; Sun, Lei; Leow, Melvin Khee-Shing; Chen, Peng
 2012Apelin inhibits adipogenesis and lipolysis through distint molecular pathwaysThan, Aung; Cheng, Yiqi; Foh, Li-Chern; Leow, Melvin Khee-Shing; Lim, Su Chi; Chuah, Yon Jin; Kang, Yuejun; Chen, Peng
 2012Apelin secretion and expression of apelin receptors in 3T3-L1 adipocytes are differentially regulated by angiotensin type 1 and type 2 receptorsThan, Aung; Tee, Wei Teng; Chen, Peng
2013Control of adipogenesis by the autocrine interplays between angiotensin 1–7/mas receptor and angiotensin II/AT1 receptor signaling pathwaysThan, Aung; Leow, Melvin Khee-Shing; Chen, Peng
2010The crosstalks between adipokines and catecholaminesThan, Aung; Ye, Feng; Xue, Renhao; Ong, Jun Wei; Poh, Chueh Loo; Chen, Peng
2013Enzymeless multi-sugar fuel cells with high power output based on 3D graphene–Co3O4 hybrid electrodesChen, Yun; Prasad, Kenath Priyanka; Wang, Xuewan; Pang, Hongchang; Yan, Ruyu; Than, Aung; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Chen, Peng
2013Graphene quantum dots as universal fluorophores and their use in revealing regulated trafficking of insulin receptors in adipocytesZheng, Xin Ting; Than, Aung; Ananthanaraya, Arundithi; Kim, Dong-Hwan; Chen, Peng
2017Graphene quantum dots based fluorescence turn-on nanoprobe for highly sensitive and selective imaging of hydrogen sulfide in living cellsLi, Nan; Than, Aung; Chen, Jie; Xi, Fengna; Liu, Jiyang; Chen, Peng
2011Kainate receptors mediate regulated exocytosis of secretory phospholipase A2 in SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cellsFarooqui, Akhlaq A.; Than, Aung; Tan, Yan; Ong, Wei-Yi; Chen, Peng
2020Lancing drug reservoirs into subcutaneous fat to combat obesity and associated metabolic diseasesThan, Aung; Duong, Phan Khanh; Zan, Ping; Liu, Junjie; Leow, Melvin Khee-Shing; Chen, Peng
2016Monitoring Dynamic Cellular Redox Homeostasis Using Fluorescence-Switchable Graphene Quantum DotsLi, Nan; Than, Aung; Sun, Chencheng; Tian, Jingqi; Chen, Jie; Pu, Kanyi; Dong, Xiaochen; Chen, Peng
2015Nitrogen and phosphorus co-doped graphene quantum dots: synthesis from adenosine triphosphate, optical properties, and cellular imagingAnanthanarayanan, Arundithi; Wang, Yue; Routh, Parimal; Sk, Mahasin Alam; Than, Aung; Lin, Ming; Zhang, Jie; Chen, Jie; Sun, Handong; Chen, Peng
2018Self-implantable double-layered micro-drug-reservoirs for efficient and controlled ocular drug deliveryChang, Hao; Duong, Phan Khanh; Than, Aung; Liu, Chenghao; Cheung, Gemmy Chui Ming; Xu, Chenjie; Wang, Xiaomeng; Chen, Peng
2012Study of adipokine secretion and their functionsThan, Aung
 2010Sugar-based synthesis of Tamiflu and its inhibitory effects on cell secretionMa, Jimei; Zhao, Yanying; Ng, Simon; Zeng, Jing; Than, Aung; Chen, Peng; Liu, Xue-Wei; Zhang, Jing
2017Thiophene-derived polymer dots for imaging endocytic compartments in live cells and broad-spectrum bacterial killingPrasad, Kenath Priyanka; Than, Aung; Li, Nan; Alam SK, Mahasin; Duan, Hongwei; Pu, Kanyi; Zheng, Xinting; Chen, Peng
2017Transdermal Delivery of Anti-Obesity Compounds to Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue with Polymeric Microneedle PatchesThan, Aung; Liang, Ke; Xu, Shaohai; Sun, Lei; Duan, Hongwei; Xi, Fengna; Xu, Chenjie; Chen, Peng