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2019Deuterated polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce oxidative stress and extend the lifespan of C. elegansBeaudoin-Chabot, Caroline; Wang, Lei; Smarun, Alexey V.; Vidović, Dragoslav; Shchepinov, Mikhail S.; Thibault, Guillaume
 2022Enabling open-ended questions in team-based learning using automated marking: impact on student achievement, learning and engagementTan, Sophia Huey Shan; Thibault, Guillaume; Chew, Anna Chia Yin; Rajalingam, Preman
2014Endoplasmic reticulum stress response in yeast and humansWu, Haoxi; Ng, Benjamin S. H.; Thibault, Guillaume
2018From the unfolded protein response to metabolic diseases – lipids under the spotlightHo, Nurulain; Xu, Chengchao; Thibault, Guillaume
2021A high-throughput genetic screening protocol to measure lipid bilayer stress-induced unfolded protein response in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeHo, Nurulain; Yap, Wei Sheng; Thibault, Guillaume
2022Human PERK rescues unfolded protein response-deficient yeast cellsYap, Wei Sheng; Thibault, Guillaume
2020Lipid bilayer stress and proteotoxic stress-induced unfolded protein response deploy divergent transcriptional and non-transcriptional programmesFun, Xiu Hui; Thibault, Guillaume
2018Lipid bilayer stress-activated IRE-1 modulates autophagy during endoplasmic reticulum stressKoh, Jhee Hong; Wang, Lei; Beaudoin-Chabot, Caroline; Thibault, Guillaume
2019Membrane phospholipid alteration causes chronic ER stress through early degradation of homeostatic ER-resident proteinsNg, Benjamin S. H.; Shyu Jr., Peter; Ho, Nurulain; Chaw, Ruijie; Seah, Yi Ling; Marvalim, Charlie; Thibault, Guillaume
2003The N-terminal zinc binding domain of ClpX is a dimerization domain that modulates the chaperone functionWojtyra, U. A.; Houry, Walid A.; Thibault, Guillaume; Tuite, Ashleigh
2019A role of Agrin in maintaining the stability of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 during tumor angiogenesisNjah, Kizito; Chakraborty, Sayan; Qiu, Beiying; Arumugam, Surender; Raju, Anandhkumar; Pobbati, Ajaybabu V.; Lakshmanan, Manikandan; Tergaonkar, Vinay; Thibault, Guillaume; Wang, Xiaomeng; Hong, Wanjin
2020Stress sensor Ire1 deploys a divergent transcriptional program in response to lipid bilayer stressHo, Nurulain; Yap, Wei Sheng; Xu, Jiaming; Wu, Haoxi; Koh, Jhee Hong; Goh, Wilson Wen Bin; George, Bhawana; Chong, Shu Chen; Taubert, Stefan; Thibault, Guillaume
2022The unfolded protein response reverses the effects of glucose on lifespan in chemically-sterilized C. elegansBeaudoin-Chabot, Caroline; Wang, Lei; Celik, Cenk; Aishah Tul-Firdaus Abdul Khalid; Thalappilly, Subhash; Xu, Shiyi; Koh, Jhee Hong; Lim, Venus Wen Xuan; Low, Ann Don; Thibault, Guillaume
2020The yeast FIT2 homologs are necessary to maintain cellular proteostasis and membrane lipid homeostasisYap, Wei Sheng; Shyu Jr., Peter; Gaspar, Maria Laura; Jesch, Stephen A.; Marvalim, Charlie; Prinz, William A.; Henry, Susan A.; Thibault, Guillaume