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2017Adaptive self-organization of Bali's ancient rice terracesLansing, J. Stephen; Thurner, Stefan; Chung, Ning Ning; Coudurier-Curveur, Aurélie; Karakaş, Çağil; Fesenmyer, Kurt A.; Chew, Lock Yue
2021Bali's ancient rice terraces : a hamiltonian approachGandica, Yérali; Lansing, J. Stephen; Chung, Ning Ning; Thurner, Stefan; Chew, Lock Yue
 2017Kinship structures create persistent channels for language transmissionLansing, J. Stephen; Abundo, Cheryl; Jacobs, Guy S.; Guillot, Elsa G.; Thurner, Stefan; Downey, Sean S.; Chew, Lock Yue; Bhattacharya, Tanmoy; Chung, Ning Ning; Sudoyo, Herawati; Cox, Murray P.
2020The role of mainstreamness and interdisciplinarity for the relevance of scientific papersThurner, Stefan; Liu, Wenyuan; Klimek, Peter; Cheong, Siew Ann