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 2012Implementation of the GRIN solid immersion lensHsieh, Chih-Hung; Tian, Lei; Lu, Yen-Sheng; Zhang, Baile; Barbastathis, George
2010Iterative nonlinear beam propagation using Hamiltonian ray tracing and Wigner distribution functionZhang, Baile; Gao, Hanhong; Tian, Lei; Barbastathis, George
2015Partially coherent phase imaging with source shapes estimationZhong, Jingshan; Tian, Lei; Dauwels, Justin; Waller, Laura
2014Transport of intensity phase imaging by intensity spectrum fitting of exponentially spaced defocus planesTian, Lei; Waller, Laura; Jingshan, Zhong; Claus, Rene A.; Dauwels, Justin