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2013ARQ-based spectrum sharing with multiple-access secondary systemFang, Shu.; Ting, See Ho.; Li, Qiang.; Pandharipande, Ashish.; Motani, Mehul.
 2012Cooperate-and-access spectrum sharing with ARQ-based primary systemsLi, Qiang.; Ting, See Ho.; Pandharipande, Ashish.; Motani, Mehul.
 2012Cooperative OFDM relaying for opportunistic spectrum sharing : protocol design and resource allocationLu, Wei Dang.; Gong, Yi.; Ting, See Ho.; Wu, Xuan Li.; Zhang, Nai Tong.
 2012Cooperative spectrum sharing protocol with selective relaying systemHan, Yang.; Ting, See Ho.; Pandharipande, Ashish.
 2012Joint decision-making and power allocation for one-bit feedback sensor communicationsZhang, Xiao Juan.; Ho, Chin Keong.; Ting, See Ho.; Motani, Mehul.; Gong, Yi.; Pandharipande, Ashish.
 2012LCR and AFD of decode-and-forward relay networks with Nth best relay selection schemes in rayleigh fading channelsTing, See Ho.; Tian, Jian.; Zhang, Qi.
 2012Towards collisions : an enhanced successive interference cancellation with asynchronismLi, Qiang.; Ting, See Ho.; Motani, Mehul.; Pandharipande, Ashish.