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2017A characterisation of open bisimilarity using an intuitionistic modal logicAhrn, Ki Yung; Horne, Ross; Tiu, Alwen
2015A labelled sequent calculus for BBI : proof theory and proof searchHóu, Zhé; Goré, Rajeev; Tiu, Alwen
2021On unlinkability and denial of service attacks resilience of whistleblower platformsPhetsouvanh, Silivanxay; Datta, Anwitaman; Tiu, Alwen
2016Private Names in Non-Commutative LogicHorne, Ross; Tiu, Alwen; Aman, Bogdan; Ciobanu, Gabriel
2016Semantics for Specialising Attack Trees based on Linear LogicHorne, Ross; Mauw, Sjouke; Tiu, Alwen