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2008Biomedical characterization techniques and analysisTjin, Swee Chuan.; Olga Sourina.
1999Continuous cardiac output monitoring systemTjin, Swee Chuan.
2002Development of a soliton transmission systemLu, Chao.; Tjin, Swee Chuan.
2007Development of handheld bioassay device-background fluorescence elimination systemTjin, Swee Chuan.
1999Fiber optic pressure sensorTjin, Swee Chuan.
2002Fiber optic sensor for orthopaedic applicationsTjin, Swee Chuan.; Lim, Tuan Kay.; Mitra, A. K.
1996Fibre optic laser doppler velocimetryTjin, Swee Chuan.
2004Research and development of wideband photonic componentsTjin, Swee Chuan.