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2016Incorporating a guanidine-modified cytosine base into triplex-forming PNAs for the recognition of a C-G pyrimidine–purine inversion site of an RNA duplexToh, Desiree-Faye Kaixin; Devi, Gitali; Patil, Kiran M.; Qu, Qiuyu; Maraswami, Manikantha; Xiao, Yunyun; Loh, Teck Peng; Zhao, Yanli; Chen, Gang
2018Incorporating uracil and 5-halouracils into short peptide nucleic acids for enhanced recognition of A–U pairs in dsRNAsPatil, Kiran M.; Ong, Alan Ann Lerk; Krishna, Manchugondanahalli Shivakumar; Toh, Desiree-Faye Kaixin; Yuan, Zhen; Meng, Zhenyu; Shu, Zhiyu; Zhang, Haiping; Lu, Lanyuan; Lu, Yunpeng; Chen, Gang
2015Incorporation of modified bases into triplex-forming peptide nucleic acids for the recognition of a C-G pyrimidine-purine inversion site of an RNA duplexToh, Desiree-Faye Kaixin
2014Intracellular delivery of antisense peptide nucleic acid by fluorescent mesoporous silica nanoparticlesMa, Xing; Qu, Qiuyu; Devi, Gitali; Toh, Desiree-Faye Kaixin; Chen, Gang; Zhao, Yanli
2014RNA triplexes : from structural principles to biological and biotech applicationsDevi, Gitali; Zhou, Yuan; Zhong, Zhensheng; Toh, Desiree-Faye Kaixin; Chen, Gang
2017Sequence-specific and Selective Recognition of Double-stranded RNAs over Single-stranded RNAs by Chemically Modified Peptide Nucleic AcidsToh, Desiree-Faye Kaixin; Patil, Kiran M.; Chen, Gang