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 2012Bioavailability of metallic impurities in carbon nanotubes is greatly enhanced by ultrasonicationToh, Rou Jun; Ambrosi, Adriano; Pumera, Martin
 2015Iridium- and osmium-decorated reduced graphenes as promising catalysts for hydrogen evolutionLim, Chee Shan; Sofer, Zdeněk; Toh, Rou Jun; Eng, Alex Yong Sheng; Luxa, Jan; Pumera, Martin
2017Materials for electrochemical energy and sensing applicationsToh, Rou Jun
 2012Oxidation of DNA bases is influenced by their position in the DNA strandToh, Rou Jun; Bonanni, Alessandra; Pumera, Martin
 2013Transition metal (Mn, Fe, Co, Ni)-doped graphene hybrids for electrocatalysisPoh, Hwee Ling; Toh, Rou Jun; Sofer, Zdeněk; Pumera, Martin