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 2014Bright quantum-dot-sized single-chain conjugated polyelectrolyte nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization and application for specific extracellular labeling and imagingLiu, Jie; Feng, Guangxue; Liu, Rongrong; Tomczak, Nikodem; Ma, Lin; Gurzadyan, Gagik G.; Liu, Bin
 2015Conjugated polymer nanodots as ultrastable long-term trackers to understand mesenchymal stem cell therapy in skin regenerationLi, Kai; Jin, Guorui; Mao, Duo; Cai, Pingqiang; Liu, Rongrong; Tomczak, Nikodem; Liu, Jie; Chen, Xiaodong; Kong, Deling; Ding, Dan; Liu, Bin
 2014A multifunctional probe with aggregation-induced emission characteristics for selective fluorescence imaging and photodynamic killing of bacteria over mammalian cellsGao, Meng; Hu, Qinglian; Feng, Guangxue; Tomczak, Nikodem; Liu, Rongrong; Xing, Bengang; Tang, Ben Zhong; Liu, Bin
 2012Self-assembled architectures with multiple aqueous compartmentsHoog, Hans-Peter M. de; Nallani, Madhavan; Tomczak, Nikodem
 2013Third-party ATP sensing in polymersomes : a label-free assay of enzyme reactions in vesicular compartmentsYildiz, Umit Hakan; De Hoog, Hans-Peter M.; Fu, Zhikang; Tomczak, Nikodem; Parikh, Atul N.; Nallani, Madhavan; Liedberg, Bo