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2018B-spline tight frame based force matching methodYang, Jianbin; Zhu, Guanhua; Tong, Dudu; Lu, Lanyuan; Shen, Zuowei
2016Computer modeling of solution X-ray scattering intensity for biomacromoleculesTong, Dudu
 2014Identifying essential pairwise interactions in elastic network model using the alpha shape theoryKoehl, Patrice; Lu, Lanyuan; Xia, Fei; Tong, Dudu; Yang, Lifeng; Wang, Dayong; Hoi, Steven C. H.
2018Investigating energy-based pool structure selection in the structure ensemble modeling with experimental distance constraints : the example from a multidomain protein Pub1Zhu, Guanhua; Liu, Wei; Bao, Chenglong; Tong, Dudu; Ji, Hui; Shen, Zuowei; Yang, Daiwen; Lu, Lanyuan
2015Modeling solution X-ray scattering of biomacromolecules using an explicit solvent model and the fast Fourier transformTong, Dudu; Yang, Jianbin; Lu, Lanyuan