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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Adjoint tomography of ambient noise data and teleseismic P waves : methodology and applications to central CaliforniaWang, Kai; Yang, Yingjie; Jiang, Chengxin; Wang, Yi; Tong, Ping; Liu, Tianshi; Liu, Qinya
 2022Adjoint tomography of northeast Japan revealed by common-source double-difference travel-time dataChen, Jing; Chen, Guoxu; Wu, Hao; Yao, Jiayuan; Tong, Ping
2021Adjoint traveltime tomography unravels a scenario of horizontal mantle flow beneath the North China cratonDong, Xingpeng; Yang, Dinghui; Niu, Fenglin; Liu, Shaolin; Tong, Ping
2021Adjoint-state traveltime tomography : eikonal equation-based methods and application to the Anza area in southern CaliforniaTong, Ping
2021Adjoint-state traveltime tomography for azimuthally anisotropic media and insight into the crustal structure of central California near ParkfieldTong, Ping
2022Complex patterns of past and ongoing crustal deformations in Southern California revealed by seismic azimuthal anisotropyWu, Shucheng; Jiang, Chengxin; Schulte‐Pelkum, Vera; Tong, Ping
 2022Depth-dependent crustal azimuthal anisotropy in the Salton Trough, southern CaliforniaLiu, Yongsheng; Wu, Shucheng; Tong, Ping
 2020Eikonal equation-based seismic tomography of the source areas of the 2008 Mw 7.9 Wenchuan earthquake and the 2013 Mw 6.6 Lushan earthquakeLi, Jun; Li, Hui; Chen, Hui; Su, Jinrong; Liu, Yongsheng; Tong, Ping
 2021Electroseismic and seismoelectric responses at irregular interfaces: possible application to reservoir explorationWang, Dongdong; Gao, Yongxin; Tong, Ping; Wang, Jun; Yao, Cheng; Wang, Baozhen
2016Frozen gaussian approximation for 3-D seismic wave propagationChai, Lihui; Tong, Ping; Yang, Xu
2018Frozen gaussian approximation for 3D seismic tomographyChai, Lihui; Tong, Ping; Yang, Xu
 2022Full-waveform inversion of high-frequency teleseismic body waves based on multiple plane-wave incidence: methods and practical applicationsWang, Kai; Wang, Yi; Song, Xin; Tong, Ping; Liu, Qinya; Yang, Yingjie
2020The geometry of the subducted slab beneath Sumatra revealed by regional and teleseismic traveltime tomographyLiu, Shaolin; Suardi, Iman; Xu, Xiwei; Yang, Shuxin; Tong, Ping
 2022Imaging the upper 10 km crustal shear-wave velocity structure of central Myanmar via a joint inversion of P-wave polarizations and receiver functionsYao, Jiayuan; Wu, Shucheng; Li, Tianjue; Bai, Yiming; Xiao, Xiao; Hubbard, Judith; Wang, Yu; Thant, Myo; Tong, Ping
 2022Lower crust structures and dynamics of southern California revealed by first P and PmP traveltime dataWu, Shucheng; Li, Tianjue; Wang, Dongdong; Tong, Ping
2022Moho complexity in Southern California revealed by local PmP and teleseismic Ps wavesLi, Tianjue; Yao, Jiayuan; Wu, Shucheng; Xu, Mijian; Tong, Ping
 2021New insights into the structural heterogeneity and geodynamics of the Indo-Burma subduction zone from ambient noise tomographyWu, Shucheng; Yao, Jiayuan; Wei, Shengji; Hubbard, Judith; Wang, Yu; Htwe, Yin Myo Min; Thant, Myo; Wang, Xin; Wang, Kai; Liu, Tianshi; Liu, Qinya; Tong, Ping
 2021Seismic velocity and anisotropy tomography of southern SumatraLiu, Yongsheng; Suardi, Iman; Huang, Xueyuan; Liu, Shaolin; Tong, Ping
2021Slab models beneath central Myanmar revealed by a joint inversion of regional and teleseismic traveltime dataYao, Jiayuan; Liu, Shaolin; Wei, Shengji; Hubbard, Judith; Huang, Bor-Shouh; Chen, Meng; Tong, Ping
2019Slab morphology beneath northern Sumatra revealed by regional and teleseismic traveltime tomographyLiu, Shaolin; Iman Suardi; Zheng, Ming; Yang, Dinghui; Huang, Xueyuan; Tong, Ping