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2021Biodegradable scaffold with nano-materials for treating heart diseaseToong, Daniel Wee Yee
2020Bioresorbable polymeric scaffold in cardiovascular applicationsToong, Daniel Wee Yee; Toh, Han Wei; Ng, Jaryl Chen Koon; Wong, Philip En Hou; Leo, Hwa Liang; Venkatraman, Subramanian; Tan, Lay Poh; Ang, Hui Ying; Huang, Yingying
2020Comparison of overexpansion capabilities and thrombogenicity at the side branch ostia after implantation of four different drug eluting stentsGasior, Pawel; Lu, Shengjie; Ng, Jaryl Chen Koon; Toong, Daniel Wee Yee; Wong, Philip En Hou; Foin, Nicolas; Kedhi, Elvin; Wojakowski, Wojciech; Ang, Hui Ying