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2013Elastin-based silver-binding proteins with antimicrobial capabilitiesTruong, Thi Hong Anh
2018Engineering of anti-cancer g-quadruplex nucleic acids and anti-bacterial protein fibersTruong, Thi Hong Anh
2020Modular design of a hybrid hydrogel for protease-triggered enhancement of drug delivery to regulate TNF-α production by pro-inflammatory macrophagesNguyen, Dang Tri; Soeranaya, Bob Hartadhi Tji; Truong, Thi Hong Anh; Dang, Tram Thuy
 2014Platinum and palladium nanotubes based on genetically engineered elastin-mimetic fusion protein-fiber templates : synthesis and application in lithium-O2 batteriesGuo, Guilue; Truong, Thi Hong Anh; Tan, Huiteng; Ang, Huixiang; Zhang, Wenyu; Xu, Chen; Rui, Xianghong; Hu, Zhaolong; Fong, Eileen; Yan, Qingyu
2019An unprecedented knot‐like G‐quadruplex peripheral motifTruong, Thi Hong Anh; Winnerdy, Fernaldo Richtia; Phan, Anh Tuân