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2012An analysis of a viscous dissipation flowSheela-Francisca, J.; Tso, Chih Ping.
 2012Contrast enhancement of computed tomography images by adaptive histogram equalization-application for improved ischemic stroke detectionTso, Chih Ping.; Sim, K. S.; Tan, T. L.; Chong, A. K.
 2012A contrast stretching bilateral closing top-hat Otsu threshold technique for crack detection in imagesTing, H. Y.; Tso, Chih Ping.; Sim, K. S.; Kho, Y. Y.; Nia, M. E.
1996Experimental and analytical studies of two phase pipeline flowsLeong, Kai Choong.; Ooi, Kim Tiow.; Tso, Chih Ping.; Wong, Teck Neng.; Yeung, William Wai Hung.
 2012An experimental study of n-octadecane melting inside a sphere subjected to constant heat rate at surfaceTso, Chih Ping.; Rizan, M. Z. M.; Tan, F. L.
 2012Field synergy principle analysis on convective heat transfer in porous medium with uniform heat generation for thermally developing flowChen, G. M.; Tso, Chih Ping.
1999Forced convection and sub-cooled flow boiling heat transfer from electronic chipsTou, Kwok Woon.; Tso, Chih Ping.
 2012Heat transfer on asymmetric thermal viscous dissipative Couette–Poiseuille flow of pseudo-plastic fluidsTso, Chih Ping.; Sheela-Francisca, J.; Hung, Yew Mun.; Rilling, Dirk.
 2012Image enhancement using background brightness preserving histogram equalisationTan, T. L.; Sim, K. S.; Tso, Chih Ping.
 2012Noise variance estimation using image noise cross-correlation model on SEM imagesSim, K. S.; Nia, M. E.; Tso, Chih Ping.
2000Numerical investigation of hot rolling process of a steel millTso, Chih Ping.; Tan, Fock Lai.
 2012Numerical simulation of the thermal hydraulic performance of a plate pin fin heat sinkYuan, Wuhan.; Zhao, Jiyun.; Wu, Tianhua.; Liu, Wei.; Ming, Tingzhen.; Tso, Chih Ping.
 2012Performance of new signal-to-noise ratio estimation for SEM images based on single image noise cross-correlationLIM, W.K.; Nia, M. E.; Tso, Chih Ping.; Sim, K. S.
 2013A study on the snowing phenomenon in binary alloy solidificationSaffie, M.G.M.; Tso, Chih Ping.; Tan, F. L.
1995Thermal characteristics of non-conventional refrigerants and coolantsTso, Chih Ping.; Leong, Kai Choong.
 2012A thermal resistance analysis on forced convection with viscous dissipation in a porous medium using entransy dissipation conceptTso, Chih Ping.; Chen, G. M.
 2012Walking assist device : the electronic and firmware designSim, K. S.; Low, K. Y.; Ting, H. Y.; Lee, C. T.; Tso, Chih Ping.