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2018Fast and robust shape diameter functionChen, Shuangmin; Liu, Taijun; Shu, Zhenyu; Xin, Shiqing; He, Ying; Tu, Changhe
 2018FoldedGI : a highly parallel algorithm for interference detection by folding a geometry image into a 1D bufferChen, Shuangmin; Liu, Bangquan; Liu, Taijun; Yu, Xiaokang; Xin, Shiqing; He, Ying; Tu, Changhe
 2018Lightweight preprocessing and fast query of geodesic distance via proximity graphXin, Shiqing; Wang, Wenping; He, Ying; Zhou, Yuanfeng; Chen, Shuangmin; Tu, Changhe; Shu, Zhenyu