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2011After Norway's terrorist attacks : time to refocus prioritiesTuty Raihanah Mostarom
2009Al-Qaeda's female jihadists : the Islamist ideological viewTuty Raihanah Mostarom
2010Debating inter-faith relations : will we descend into another cold war?Tuty Raihanah Mostarom
2009Declining support for Islamist Parties: Exploring the Indonesian ‘Paradox’Tuty Raihanah Mostarom; Vidia Arianti
2009Demystifying the Shariah Debate in Southeast Asia: A case study of AcehTuty Raihanah Mostarom; Andini Gelar Ardani
2010Internet : avenue for women jihadi “participation”Tuty Raihanah Mostarom; Nur Azlin Mohamed Yasin
2009Post-Elections Aceh: An Outlook for Peace and SecurityAndini Gelar Ardani; Tuty Raihanah Mostarom
2009Sarkozy and the Burqa: A New Policy or Provocation?Frécon, Eric; Tuty Raihanah Mostarom