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 2015Effect of bromine complexing agents on the performance of cation exchange membranes in second-generation vanadium bromide batteryLim, Tuti Mariana; Skyllas-Kazacos, Maria; Winardi, Suminto; Poon, Grace; Ulaganathan, Mani; Parasuraman, Aishwarya; Yan, Qingyu; Wai, Nyunt
2015Electrochemical analysis on poly(ethyl methacrylate)-based electrolyte membranesMathew, Chithra M.; Karthika, B.; Ulaganathan, Mani; Rajendran, S.
 2012Evaluation of lithium ion conduction in PAN/PMMA-based polymer blend electrolytes for Li-ion battery applicationsRajendran, S.; Flora, X. Helan; Ulaganathan, Mani; Babu, Ravi Shanker
 2012Li-ion conduction on nanofiller incorporated PVdF-co-HFP based composite polymer blend electrolytes for flexible battery applicationsNithya, R.; Rajendran, S.; Raghu, S.; Ulaganathan, Mani
 2013Palladium- and gold-nanoparticle-modified porous carbon as a high-power anode for lithium-ion batteriesRaghu, Subash Chandrabose; Ulaganathan, Mani; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Lim, Tuti Mariana
2014Synthesis of bendable plasticized nanocomposite polymer electrolyte using poly(acrylonitrile) poly(methyl methacrylate) polymer blendsFlora, Xavier Helan; Ulaganathan, Mani; Kesavan, Karuppiah; Rajendran, Somasundaram
 2011Transport, structural and thermal studies on nanocomposite polymer blend electrolytes for Li-ion battery applicationsRajendran, S.; Kesavan, K.; Nithya, R.; Ulaganathan, Mani
2015Ultralong Durability of Porous α-Fe2O3 Nanofibers in Practical Li-Ion Configuration with LiMn2O4 CathodeJayaraman, Sundaramurthy; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Ulaganathan, Mani; Ling, Wong Chui; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Madhavi, Srinivasan