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2017Design, modeling, and optimization of nonlinear piezoelectric energy harvestersUpadrashta, Deepesh
 2018Distributed parameter modelling of cutout 2-DOF cantilevered piezo-magneto-elastic energy harvesterKrishnasamy, M.; Upadrashta, Deepesh; Yang, Yaowen; Lenka, Trupti Ranjan
2014Material strength consideration in the design optimization of nonlinear energy harvesterUpadrashta, Deepesh; Yang, Yaowen; Tang, Lihua
2018Nonlinear broadband piezo-magneto-elastic energy harvester in bistable and monostable configurationsKrishnasamy, M.; Upadrashta, Deepesh; Yang, Yaowen; Lenka, Trupti
2016Nonlinear piezomagnetoelastic harvester array for broadband energy harvestingUpadrashta, Deepesh; Yang, Yaowen
 2018Trident-shaped multimodal piezoelectric energy harvesterUpadrashta, Deepesh; Yang, Yaowen