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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986The Adhikarya and PACE studies on communication education : some problems and responsesValbuena, Victor T.
1993AMIC Conference on Communication, Technology and Development : Alternatives for Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Jun 25-27, 1993 (Volume 2) : [conference report]Valbuena, Victor T.
1990AMIC TAF Workshop on Legislative Reporting for Broadcast Journalists : Kuala Lumpur, Sep 11-14, 1990 : [opening remarks]Valbuena, Victor T.
1992AMIC Workshop on Editorial Management For Senior Women Journalists : New Delhi, Nov 23-29, 1992 : [workshop report]Valbuena, Victor T.
1992AMIC Workshop on Environmental Reporting : Dhaka, Bangladesh, Apr 18-22, 1992 : [workshop report]Valbuena, Victor T.
1992AMIC Workshop on Management of Small Newspapers, 2nd : Palpa, Nepal, May 18-22, 1992 : [workshop report]Valbuena, Victor T.
1992AMIC Workshop on Media Education in South Asia : New Delhi, Aug 4-8, 1992 : [workshop report]Valbuena, Victor T.
1989AMIC-CAF Workshop on Rural Reporting : Malacca, Sep 25-29, 1989 : [workshop report]Valbuena, Victor T.
1991AMIC-SIDA Seminar on the Role of the Media in a National Crisis : Colombo, May 15-17, 1991 : [summary report]Valbuena, Victor T.
1985AMIC-Thammasat University Symposium on Mass Communication Theory : the Asian Perspective, Bangkok, Oct 15-17, 1985 : [summary of proceedings]Valbuena, Victor T.
1991Consultation on Press Systems in SAARC : Kathmandu, Nepal, 2-5 April 1991 : [report]Valbuena, Victor T.
1990Development and communication in the 1990s : what needs to be done?Valbuena, Victor T.
1991Generating support of entertainment workers for development communication programmesValbuena, Victor T.
1986Health and the media : forging a partnership in the public interest, September 22-26, 1986, Tonga : [summary report]Valbuena, Victor T.
1991Integrating traditional media and community radio for development communicationDavid, M. J. R.; Valbuena, Victor T.
1987Mass media and teen culture in Singapore : an exploratory studyValbuena, Victor T.; Lock, Yut Kum.
1990Mass media power and the electoral processValbuena, Victor T.
1987Public health education campaigns in SingaporeValbuena, Victor T.
1992Seminar-Workshop on Environmental Policies and Media Reporting : Singapore, 27-31 January 1992 : [background note and summary report]Valbuena, Victor T.
1993Terminal project reportValbuena, Victor T.