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2013Kairomonal communication in mice is concentration-dependent with a proportional discrimination thresholdVasudevan, Anand; Vyas, Ajai
2016Parasitic manipulation of male sexual advertisement in Toxoplasma gondii- Rattus norvegicus associationVasudevan, Anand
2011Protozoan parasite toxoplasma gondii manipulates mate choice in rats by enhancing attractiveness of malesSapolsky, Robert M.; Dass, Shantala Arundathi Hari; Vasudevan, Anand; Dutta, Deborah; Soh, Linda Jing Ting; Vyas, Ajai
2014Toxoplasma gondii infection enhances the kairomonal valence of rat urineVasudevan, Anand; Vyas, Ajai