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2014B6O ceramic by in-situ reactive spark plasma sintering of a B2O3 and B powder mixtureSakka, Yoshio; Badica, Petre; Vasylkiv, Oleg; Solodkyi, Levgen; Borodianska, Hanna; Zhao, Ting
2013Bio-inspired structured boron carbide-boron nitride composite by reactive spark plasma sinteringSilberschmidt, V.; Xie, Sky Shumao; Vasylkiv, Oleg; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
2014Boron Carbide-Based Nanostructured Composite by Spark Plasma SinteringXie, Sky Shumao; Solodkyi, Ievgen; Vasylkiv, Oleg; Silberschmidt, Vadim; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
2015Consolidation of B4C-TaB2 eutectic composites by spark plasma sinteringDemirskyi, Dmytro; Sakka, Yoshio; Vasylkiv, Oleg
2015Consolidation of B4C–VB2 eutectic ceramics by spark plasma sinteringDemirskyi, Dmytro; Sakka, Yoshio; Vasylkiv, Oleg
 2012Densification kinetics of nanocrystalline zirconia powder using microwave and spark plasma sintering—a comparative studyVasylkiv, Oleg; Demirskyi, Dmytro; Sakka, Yoshio; Ragulya, Andrey; Borodianska, Hanna
 2011Grain boundary diffusion driven spark plasma sintering of nanocrystalline zirconiaBorodianska, Hanna; Demirskyi, Dmytro; Sakka, Yoshio; Badica, Petre; Vasylkiv, Oleg
 2012High hardness BaCb-(BxOy/BN) composites with 3D mesh-like fine grain-boundary structure by reactive spark plasma sinteringBorodianska, Hanna; Grasso, Salvatore; Badica, Petre; Vasylkiv, Oleg; Sakka, Yoshio; Su, Liap Tat; Bosman, Michel; Ma, Jan; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
 2014Metal-ceramic/ceramic nanostructured layered composites for solid oxide fuel cells by spark plasma sinteringBezdorozhev, Oleksii; Borodianska, Hanna; Sakka, Yoshio; Vasylkiv, Oleg
 2012Non-catalytic facile synthesis of superhard phase of boron carbide (B13C2) nanoflakes and nanoparticlesXie, Sky Shumao; Su, Liap Tat; Guo, Jun; Vasylkiv, Oleg; Borodianska, Hanna; Xi, Zhu; Krishnan, Gireesh M.; Su, Haibin; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
 2012Peculiarities of the neck growth process during initial stage of spark-plasma, microwave and conventional sintering of WC spheresDemirskyi, Dmytro; Borodianska, Hanna; Agrawal, Dinesh; Ragulya, Andrey; Sakka, Yoshio; Vasylkiv, Oleg
 2013Spark plasma sintered Ni-YSZ/YSZ bi-layers for solid oxide fuel cellBezdorozhev, Oleksii; Borodianska, Hanna; Sakka, Yoshio; Vasylkiv, Oleg
2014Tough and dense boron carbide obtained by high-pressure (300 MPa) and low-temperature (1600°C) spark plasma sinteringBadica, Petre; Grasso, Salvatore; Borodianska, Hanna; Xie, Sky Shumao; Li, Peifeng; Tatarko, Peter; Reece, Mike J.; Sakka, Yoshio; Vasylkiv, Oleg