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2018Causal asymmetry in a quantum worldThompson, Jayne; Garner, Andrew J. P.; Mahoney, John R.; Crutchfield, James P.; Vedral, Vlatko; Gu, Mile
2012The classical-quantum boundary for correlations : discord and related measuresModi, Kavan; Brodutch, Aharon; Cable, Hugo; Paterek, Tomasz; Vedral, Vlatko
2016Converting Coherence to Quantum CorrelationsMa, Jiajun; Yadin, Benjamin; Girolami, Davide; Vedral, Vlatko; Gu, Mile
2018Geometry of quantum correlations in space-timeZhao, Zhikuan; Pisarczyk, Robert; Thompson, Jayne; Gu, Mile; Vedral, Vlatko; Fitzsimons, Joseph F.
2016How discord underlies the noise resilience of quantum illuminationWeedbrook, Christian; Pirandola, Stefano; Thompson, Jayne; Vedral, Vlatko; Gu, Mile
2016Power of one qumode for quantum computationLiu, Nana; Thompson, Jayne; Weedbrook, Christian; Lloyd, Seth; Vedral, Vlatko; Gu, Mile; Modi, Kavan
2018Probing quantum features of photosynthetic organismsKrisnanda, Tanjung; Marletto, Chiara; Vedral, Vlatko; Paternostro, Mauro; Paterek, Tomasz
2017Provably unbounded memory advantage in stochastic simulation using quantum mechanicsGarner, Andrew J. P.; Liu, Qing; Thompson, Jayne; Vedral, Vlatko; Gu, Mile
2018Quantum plug n’ play: modular computation in the quantum regimeThompson, Jayne; Modi, Kavan; Vedral, Vlatko; Gu, Mile
2020Quantum synchronization in nanoscale heat enginesJaseem, Noufal; Hajdušek, Michal; Vedral, Vlatko; Fazio, Rosario; Kwek, Leong-Chuan; Vinjanampathy, Sai
2018Squeezing Enhances Quantum SynchronizationSonar, Sameer; Hajdušek, Michal; Mukherjee, Manas; Fazio, Rosario; Vedral, Vlatko; Vinjanampathy, Sai; Kwek, Leong-Chuan
2017Thermodynamics of complexity and pattern manipulationVedral, Vlatko; Gu, Mile; Garner, Andrew J. P.; Thompson, Jayne
2017Using quantum theory to simplify input–output processesThompson, Jayne; Garner, Andrew J. P.; Vedral, Vlatko; Gu, Mile