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2016Automatic identification of systolic time intervals in seismocardiogramShafiq, Ghufran; Tatinati, Sivanagaraja; Ang, Wei Tech; Veluvolu, Kalyana C.
 2020Fast and accurate online sequential learning of respiratory motion with random convolution nodes for radiotherapy applicationsWang, Yubo; Yu, Zhibin; Sivanagaraja, Tatinati; Veluvolu, Kalyana C.
2014Higher-order sliding mode observer for speed and position estimation in PMSMKommuri, Suneel K.; Veluvolu, Kalyana C.; Defoort, M.; Soh, Yeng C.
2018Multi-step prediction of physiological tremor with random quaternion neurons for surgical robotics applicationsWang, Yubo; Tatinati, Sivanagaraja; Adhikari, Kabita; Huang, Liyu; Nazarpour, Kianoush; Ang, Wei Tech; Veluvolu, Kalyana C.
2017Predictive Local Receptive Fields Based Respiratory Motion Tracking For Motion-Adaptive RadiotherapyWang, Yubo; Tatinati, Sivanagaraja; Huang, Liyu; Hong, Kim Jeong; Shafiq, Ghufran; Veluvolu, Kalyana C.; Hoong, Andy Khong Wai
2017Real-time physiological tremor estimation using recursive singular spectrum analysisAdhikari, Kabita; Tatinati, Sivanagaraja; Veluvolu, Kalyana C.; Chambers, Jonathon A.; Nazarpour, Kianoush