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2021Advanced cathodes and electrolytes for rechargeable zinc-ion batteriesVerma, Vivek
2020Boosting Zn-ion storage performance of bronze-type VO2 via Ni-mediated electronic structure engineeringCai, Yi; Chua, Rodney; Kou, Zongkui; Ren, Hao; Yuan, Du; Huang, Shaozhuan; Kumar, Sonal; Verma, Vivek; Amonpattaratkit, Penphitcha; Srinivasan, Madhavi
2020Bronze-type vanadium dioxide holey nanobelts as high performing cathode material for aqueous aluminium-ion batteryCai, Yi; Kumar, Sonal; Chua, Rodney; Verma, Vivek; Yuan, Du; Kou, Zongkui; Ren, Hao; Arora, Hemal; Srinivasan, Madhavi
2021Chelating ligands as electrolyte solvent for rechargeable zinc-ion batteriesVerma, Vivek; Chan, R. Moesha; Yang, Li Jia; Kumar, Sonal; Sattayaporn, Suchinda; Chua, Rodney; Cai, Yi; Kidkhunthod, Pinit; Manalastas, William, Jr.; Srinivasan, Madhavi
2022Enabling Al-metal anodes for aqueous electrochemical cells by using low-cost eutectic mixtures as artificial protective interphaseKumar, Sonal; Salim, Teddy; Verma, Vivek; Manalastas, William, Jr.; Srinivasan, Madhavi
2020Hydrogen-bonding interactions in hybrid aqueous/nonaqueous electrolytes enable low-cost and long-lifespan sodium-ion storageChua, Rodney; Cai, Yi; Lim, Pei Qi; Kumar, Sonal; Satish, Rohit; Manalastas, William, Jr.; Ren, Hao; Verma, Vivek; Meng, Shize; Morris, Samuel Alexander; Kidkhunthod, Pinit; Bai, Jianming; Srinivasan, Madhavi
2019Investigating FeVO4 as a cathode material for aqueous aluminum-ion batteryKumar, Sonal; Satish, Rohit; Verma, Vivek; Ren, Hao; Kidkhunthod, Pinit; Manalastas, William, Jr.; Srinivasan, Madhavi
2019Layered VOPO4 as a cathode material for rechargeable Zinc-ion battery : effect of polypyrrole intercalation in the host and water concentration in the electrolyteVerma, Vivek; Kumar, Sonal; Manalastas, William, Jr.; Zhao, Jin; Chua, Rodney; Meng, Shize; Kidkhunthod, Pinit; Srinivasan, Madhavi
2020Multiscalar investigation of FeVO4 conversion cathode for a low concentration Zn(CF3SO3)2 rechargeable Zn-ion aqueous batteryKumar, Sonal; Verma, Vivek; Chua, Rodney; Ren, Hao; Kidkhunthod, Pinit; Rojviriya, Catleya; Sattayaporn, Suchinda; de Groot, Frank M. F.; Manalastas, William, Jr.; Srinivasan, Madhavi 
2018Progress in rechargeable aqueous zinc‐ and aluminum‐ion battery electrodes : challenges and outlookVerma, Vivek; Kumar, Sonal; Manalastas, William, Jr.; Satish, Rohit; Srinivasan, Madhavi
2020Rechargeable Al-metal aqueous battery using NaMnHCF as cathode : investigating the role of coated-Al anode treatments for supe-rior battery cycling performanceKumar, Sonal; Verma, Vivek; Arora, Hemal; Manalastas, William, Jr.; Srinivasan,Madhavi 
2021Undesired reactions in aqueous rechargeable zinc ion batteriesVerma, Vivek; Kumar, Sonal; Manalastas, William, Jr.; Madhavi Srinivasan
2018Water in rechargeable multivalent‐ion batteries : an electrochemical Pandora's boxManalastas, William, Jr.; Kumar, Sonal; Verma, Vivek; Zhang, Liping; Yuan, Du; Srinivasan, Madhavi