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2014Building a lewis acidic phosphorusTay, Madelyn Qin Yi; Lu, Yunpeng; Ganguly, Rakesh; Frison, Gilles; Ricard, Louis; Vidović, Dragoslav; Carmichael, Duncan
2015C-F bond activation by transient phosphenium dicationsĐorđević, Nemanja; Tay, Madelyn Qin Yi; Muthaiah, Senthilkumar; Ganguly, Rakesh; Dimić, Dušan; Vidović, Dragoslav
 2013A carbone-stabilized two-coordinate phosphorus(III)-centered dicationTay, Madelyn Qin Yi; Lu, Yunpeng; Ganguly, Rakesh; Vidović, Dragoslav
2013Counterion dependence on the synthetic viability of NHC-stabilized dichloroborenium cationsMuthaiah, Senthilkumar; Do, Dinh Cao Huan; Ganguly, Rakesh; Vidović, Dragoslav
2019Deuterated polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce oxidative stress and extend the lifespan of C. elegansBeaudoin-Chabot, Caroline; Wang, Lei; Smarun, Alexey V.; Vidović, Dragoslav; Shchepinov, Mikhail S.; Thibault, Guillaume
2015A dicationic iminophosphaneGanguly, Rakesh; Loh, Ying Kai; Gurnani, Chitra; Vidović, Dragoslav
2014Dihaloborenium cations stabilized by a four-membered N-heterocyclic carbene : electron deficiency compensation by asymmetric structural changesTay, Madelyn Qin Yi; Murugesapandian, Balasubramanian; Lu, Yunpeng; Ganguly, Rakesh; Rei, Kinjo; Vidović, Dragoslav
 2012(Dimethylamino) borylene and related complexes of electron-rich metal fragments : generation of nucleophile-resistant cations by spontaneous halide ejectionAddy, David A.; Pierce, Glesni A.; Jemmis, Eluvathingal D.; Phillips, Nicholas; Vidović, Dragoslav; Krämer, Tobias; Mallick, Dibyendu; Reid, Gill; Aldridge, Simon
 2017E-H (E = B, Si, C) Bond activation by tuning structural and electronic properties of phosphenium cationsĐorđević, Nemanja; Ganguly, Rakesh; Petković, Milena; Vidović, Dragoslav
2015Extending the chemistry of carbones : P-N bond cleavage via an SN2′-like mechanismGurnani, Chitra; Đorđević, Nemanja; Muthaiah, Senthilkumar; Dimić, Dušan; Ganguly, Rakesh; Petković, Milena; Vidović, Dragoslav
2015Iminoborylene complexes: evaluation of synthetic routes towards BN-allenylidenes and unexpected reactivity towards carbodiimidesNiemeyer, J.; Kelly, M. J.; Riddlestone, I. M.; Vidović, Dragoslav; Aldridge, S.
 2014Isolation of a bis(oxazol-2-ylidene)-phenylborylene adduct and its reactivity as a boron-centered nucleophileVidović, Dragoslav; Kong, Ling Bing; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Kinjo, Rei
2015Oxidation of a P-C Bond under Mild ConditionsIlić, Gordana; Gaguly, Rakesh; Petković, Milena; Vidović, Dragoslav
 2014Oxidative addition of water and methanol to a dicationic trivalent phosphorus centreTay, Madelyn Qin Yi; Lu, Yunpeng; Ganguly, Rakesh; Vidović, Dragoslav
2015Preparation, Structural Analysis, and Reactivity Studies of Phosphenium DicationsTay, Madelyn Qin Yi; Ilić, Gordana; Werner-Zwanziger, Ulrike; Lu, Yunpeng; Ganguly, Rakesh; Ricard, Louis; Frison, Gilles; Carmichael, Duncan; Vidović, Dragoslav
2014Synthesis of N-heterocyclic carbene stabilized catecholatoborenium cations by ligand substitutionDo, Dinh Cao Huan; Muthaiah, Senthilkumar; Ganguly, Rakesh; Vidović, Dragoslav
 2015A well-defined aluminum-based lewis acid as an effective catalyst for Diels-Alder transformationsLiu, Zhizhou; Lee, Jazreen Hui Qi; Ganguly, Rakesh; Vidović, Dragoslav