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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Building a simulation program using Java : a study on disaggregate forecasting.Chong, Shi Lun.; Chu, Sze Chang.; Tan, Hui Ying.
2009Coordination in vendor-buyer inventory systems: on price discounts, Stackelberg game and joint optimisationViswanathan, S.
2001The design and implementation of a lean manufacturing system at an aerospace repair and overhaul facility.Singh, Jagdish.; Ling, Wee Sin.; Ong, Keng Thye.
2000Developing an access-based decision support system for scheduling of NBS teaching staff.Cheng, Ya Feng.; Lee, Yi Leng.; Yeow, Felicia Jie Ning.
2004Distribution network redesign : a framework and a case studyHamisah Othman; Zhu, Haiqing
2002The ethnic fast food concept : Komala'sIndhiranee Subramaniam; Mahalakshmi Mahalingam; Suramya Sharma
2008Evaluation of hierarchical forecasting for substitutable productsViswanathan, S.; Piplani, R.; Widiarta, Handik
2008Forecasting item-level demands : an analytical evaluation of top-down versus bottom-up forecasting in a production-planning frameworkViswanathan, S.; Widiarta, Handik; Piplani, Rajesh
2001Forecasting lumpy demand created by order batching : a comparative study.Ong, Kok Guan.; Teng, Poi Leng.; Yong, Lee San.
2001Forecasting methods for lumpy demand.Lim, See Nee.; Tay, Seow Chin.; Sia, Hwee Choo.
2013Heuristics with guaranteed performance bounds for a manufacturing system with product recoveryFeng, Yan; Viswanathan, S.
2000Impact of plant practices on operational performance : a statistical analysis of data from a Canadian manufacturing survey.Huang, Yun Bo.
2007Impact of restaurant table type and party size on meal duration and spending.Ho, Yuan Seng.; Yee, San San.
2002Komala’s restaurant of SingaporeViswanathan, S.; Allampalli, D. G.
2016Managing Supply Systems with Partial Information on Shipment LocationsBryan, Nana; Srinivasan, Mandyam M.; Viswanathan, S.
2014A new two-bin policy for inventory systems with differentiated demand classesGhosh, Sugoutam; Piplani, Rajesh; Viswanathan, S.
 2006On the effectiveness of top-down strategy for forecasting autoregressive demandsViswanathan, S.; Widiarta, Handik; Piplani, Rajesh
2012On the value of customer information for an independent supplier in a continuous review inventory systemViswanathan, S.; Axsäter, Sven
2010Optimal work-in-process inventory levels for high-variety, low-volume manufacturing systemsSrinivasan, Mandyam M.; Viswanathan, S.
2006Recycling in SingaporeGan, Chea Ling; Lim, Hui Jiun; Sim, Nijun