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 2021Bioinspired short peptide hydrogel for versatile encapsulation and controlled release of growth factor therapeuticsHiew, Shu Hui ; Wang, Jun Kit; Koh, Kenrick; Yang, Haibo; Bacha, Abbas; Lin, Junquan; Yip, Yun Sheng; Vos, Marcus Ivan Gerard; Chen, Liyan; Sobota, Radoslaw M.; Tan, Nguan Soon; Tay, Chor Yong; Miserez, Ali
 2022Scar prevention through topical delivery of gelatin-tyramine-siSPARC nanoplex loaded in dissolvable hyaluronic acid microneedle patch across skin barrierChun, Yong Yao; Tan, William Wei Ren; Vos, Marcus Ivan Gerard; Chan, Wen Kiat; Tey, Hong Liang; Tan, Nguan Soon; Tan, Timothy Thatt Yang
2022Single-cell analysis of skin immune cells reveals an Angptl4-ifi20b axis that regulates monocyte differentiation during wound healingWee, Jonathan Wei Kiat; Low, Zun Siong; Ooi, Chin Kiat; Henategala, Benjamin Patrana; Lim, Ridley Zhi Guang; Yip, Yun Sheng; Vos, Marcus Ivan Gerard; Tan, William Wei Ren; Cheng, Hong Sheng; Tan, Nguan Soon