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 2018Alkene synthesis using phosphonium ylides as umpolung reagentsVu, Minh Duy; Leng, Wei-Lin; Hsu, Hao-Cheng; Liu, Xue-Wei
2018The application of visible light mediated photoredox catalysis in organic transformationsVu, Minh Duy
2019Metal-free visible light photoredox enables generation of carbyne equivalents via phosphonium ylide C–H activationDas, Mrinmoy; Vu, Minh Duy; Zhang, Qi; Liu, Xue-Wei
2018Recent advances in reagent-controlled stereoselective/stereospecific glycosylationYao, Hui; Vu, Minh Duy; Liu, Xue-Wei
2018Triflic-acid-catalyzed tandem allylic substitution–cyclization reaction of alcohols with thiophenols—facile access to polysubstituted thiochromansAbdul Sadeer; Pullarkat, Sumod Appukuttan; Shand, Sam S.; Li, Yongxin; Vu, Minh Duy; Foo, Ce Qing
2019Visible-light photoredox enables ketone carbonyl alkylation for easy access to tertiary alcoholsVu, Minh Duy; Das, Mrinmoy; Guo, Aoxin; Ang, Zi-En; D̵okić, Miloš; Soo, Han Sen; Liu, Xue-Wei