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2014Copulation or sensory cues from the female augment Fos expression in arginine vasopressin neurons of the posterodorsal medial amygdala of male ratsDass, Shantala Arundathi Hari; Vyas, Ajai
2018Effects of stress or infection on rat behavior show robust reversals due to environmental disturbanceAbdulai-Saiku, Samira; Hegde, Akshaya; Vyas, Ajai; Mitra, Rupshi
2015Extended epigenotype in a Rattus novergicus : toxoplasma gondii associationVyas, Ajai
2015Infection of male rats with Toxoplasma gondii results in enhanced delay aversion and neural changes in the nucleus accumbens coreTan, Donna; Soh, Linda Jing Ting; Lim, Lee Wei; Tan, Daniel Chia Wei; Zhang, Xiaodong; Vyas, Ajai
2013Kairomonal communication in mice is concentration-dependent with a proportional discrimination thresholdVasudevan, Anand; Vyas, Ajai
 2010Manipulation of host behaviour by Toxoplasma gondii : what is the minimum a proposed proximate mechanism should explain?Vyas, Ajai; Sapolsky, Robert M.
2015Mechanisms of Host Behavioral Change in Toxoplasma gondii Rodent AssociationVyas, Ajai
2011Predator cat odors activate sexual arousal pathways in brains of toxoplasma gondii infected ratsHouse, Patrick K.; Vyas, Ajai; Sapolsky, Robert M.
2011Protozoan parasite toxoplasma gondii manipulates mate choice in rats by enhancing attractiveness of malesSapolsky, Robert M.; Dass, Shantala Arundathi Hari; Vasudevan, Anand; Dutta, Deborah; Soh, Linda Jing Ting; Vyas, Ajai
2019Testosterone reduces fear and causes drastic hypomethylation of arginine vasopressin promoter in medial extended amygdala of male miceTong, Wen Han; Abdulai-Saiku, Samira; Vyas, Ajai
2016Toxoplasma gondii infection and testosterone congruently increase tolerance of male rats for risk of reward forfeitureTan, Donna; Vyas, Ajai
2014Toxoplasma gondii infection enhances the kairomonal valence of rat urineVasudevan, Anand; Vyas, Ajai
2013Toxoplasma gondii infection induces dendritic retraction in basolateral amygdala accompanied by reduced corticosterone secretionVyas, Ajai; Sapolsky, Robert M.; Mitra, Rupshi
2015Ventromedial prefrontal cortex stimulation enhances memory and hippocampal neurogenesis in the middle-aged ratsLiu, Albert; Jain, Neeraj; Vyas, Ajai; Lim, Lee Wei
2020Why behavioral neuroscience still needs diversity? : A curious case of a persistent needMathuru, Ajay S.; Libersat, Frédéric; Vyas, Ajai; Teseo, Serafino