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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018Bioadhesives for internal medical applications : a reviewZhu, Wenzhen; Chuah, Yon Jin; Wang, Dong-An
 2011Biomechanical study of the edge outgrowth phenomenon of encapsulated chondrocytic isogenous groups in the surface layer of hydrogel scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineeringSu, Kai; Li, Chuan; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Wang, Dong-An; Chan, Vincent; Ng, Soon Seng
2013Cells behave distinctly within sponges and hydrogels due to differences of internal structureZhang, Jingjing; Yang, Zheng; Li, Chao; Dou, Yana; Li, Yijiang; Thote, Tanushree; Wang, Dong-An; Ge, Zigang
 2019Co-culture of human umbilical vein endothelial cells and human bone marrow stromal cells into a micro-cavitary gelatin-methacrylate hydrogel system to enhance angiogenesisLiu, Jian; Chuah, Yon Jin; Fu, Jiayin; Zhu, Wenzhen; Wang, Dong-An
 2012Co-transduction of lentiviral and adenoviral vectors for co-delivery of growth factor and shRNA genes in mesenchymal stem cells-based chondrogenic systemZhang, Feng; Yao, Yongchang; Su, Kai; Fang, Yu; Citra, Fudiman; Wang, Dong-An
 2012The combined effects of continuous passive motion treatment and acellular PLGA implants on osteochondral regeneration in the rabbitChang, Nai-Jen; Lin, Chih-Chan; Li, Chien-Feng; Wang, Dong-An; Issariyaku, Nontapot; Yeh, Ming-Long
 2012Creating a living hyaline cartilage graft free from non-cartilaginous constituents : an intermediate role of a biomaterial scaffoldSu, Kai; Lau, Ting Ting; Leong, Wenyan; Gong, Yihong; Wang, Dong-An
 2019A DOPA-functionalized chondroitin sulfate-based adhesive hydrogel as a promising multi-functional bioadhesiveZhu, Wenzhen; Iqbal, Jabed; Wang, Dong-An
 2015Effects of permeability and living space on cell fate and neo-tissue development in hydrogel-based scaffolds : a study with cartilaginous modelFan, Changjiang; Wang, Dong-An
 2013Enhancing infection affinity of therapeutic recombinant viral vectors to targeted cells in regenerative nanomedicineZhang, Feng; Su, Kai; Fang, Yu; Wang, Dong-An
 2017Establishment of an in vitro three‐dimensional model for cartilage damage in rheumatoid arthritisPeck, Yvonne; Leom, Li Ting; Low, Patricia Pei Fen; Wang, Dong-An
 2012Formation of model hepatocellular aggregates in a hydrogel scaffold using degradable genipin crosslinked gelatin microspheres as cell carriersLau, Ting Ting; Lee, Li Qi Priscilyn; Leong, Wenyan; Wang, Dong-An
 2013Hydrogel-mediated formation of living cartilage template for endochondral initiationLau, Ting Ting; Neo, Jing Rui Evelyn; Wang, Dong-An
 2018In situ organ-specific vascularization in tissue engineeringFu, Jiayin; Wang, Dong-An
 2012Inducing ossification in an engineered 3D scaffold-free living cartilage templateLau, Ting Ting; Lee, Li Qi Priscilyn; Vo, Bao Ngoc; Su, Kai; Wang, Dong-An
 2012A mixed co-culture of mesenchymal stem cells and transgenic chondrocytes in alginate hydrogel for cartilage tissue engineeringZhang, Feng; Su, Kai; Fang, Yu; Sandhya, Swaminathan; Wang, Dong-An
 2016Murine pluripotent stem cells derived scaffold-free cartilage grafts from a micro-cavitary hydrogel platformFu, Jiayin; Wang, Dong-An; He, Pengfei
 2016A mussel-inspired double-crosslinked tissue adhesive intended for internal medical useFan, Changjiang; Fu, Jiayin; Zhu, Wenzhen; Wang, Dong-An
 2017Novel β-TCP/PVA bilayered hydrogels with considerable physical and bio-functional properties for osteochondral repairYao, Hang; Kang, Junpei; Li, Weichang; Liu, Jian; Xie, Renjian; Wang, Yingjun; Liu, Sa; Wang, Dong-An; Ren, Li
2015Optimization of chondrocyte isolation and phenotype characterization for cartilage tissue engineeringLau, Ting Ting; Peck, Yvonne; Huang, Weiliang; Wang, Dong-An