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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Advancing stretchable optoelectronic devices with structural and material designsWang, Jiangxin
2017Coaxial Ag–Base Metal Nanowire Networks with High Electrochemical Stability for Transparent and Stretchable Asymmetric SupercapacitorsPark, Sangbaek; Tan, Alvin Wei Ming; Wang, Jiangxin; Lee, Pooi See
2018Core-shell nanofiber mats for tactile pressure sensor and nanogenerator applicationsLin, Meng-Fang; Xiong, Jiaqing; Wang, Jiangxin; Parida, Kaushik; Lee, Pooi See
 2018A deformable and highly robust ethyl cellulose transparent conductor with a scalable silver nanowires bundle micromeshXiong, Jiaqing; Li, Shaohui; Ye, Yiyang; Wang, Jiangxin; Qian, Kai; Cui, Peng; Gao, Dace; Lin, Meng-Fang; Chen, Tupei; Lee, Pooi See
2018Diphylleia grayi inspired stretchable hydrochromics with large optical Modulation in visible-near infrared regionCai, Guafa; Wang, Jiangxin; Eh, Alice Lee-Sie; Chen, Jingwei; Qian, Kai; Xiong, Jiaqing; Thangavel, Gurunathan; Lee, Pooi-See
2015Extremely Stretchable Electroluminescent Devices with Ionic ConductorsWang, Jiangxin; Yan, Chaoyi; Cai, Guofa; Cui, Mengqi; Eh, Alice Lee‐Sie; Lee, Pooi See
2017Extremely stretchable strain sensors based on conductive self-healing dynamic cross-links hydrogels for human-motion detectionCai, Guofa; Wang, Jiangxin; Qian, Kai; Chen, Jingwei; Li, Shaohui; Lee, Pooi See
 2014Flexible and highly scalable V2O5-rGO electrodes in an organic electrolyte for supercapacitor devicesFoo, Ce Yao; Sumboja, Afriyanti; Tan, Daniel Jia Hong; Wang, Jiangxin; Lee, Pooi See
2015Highly Stable Transparent Conductive Silver Grid/PEDOT:PSS Electrodes for Integrated Bifunctional Flexible Electrochromic SupercapacitorsCai, Guofa; Darmawan, Peter; Cui, Mengqi; Wang, Jiangxin; Chen, Jingwei; Magdassi, Shlomo; Lee, Pooi See
2015Highly stretchable and self-deformable alternating current electroluminescent devicesWang, Jiangxin; Yan, Chaoyi; Chee, Kenji Jianzhi; Lee, Pooi See
 2013Highly stretchable piezoresistive graphene-nanocellulose nanopaper for strain sensorsYan, Chaoyi; Wang, Jiangxin; Kang, Wenbin; Cui, Mengqi; Wang, Xu; Foo, Ce Yao; Chee, Kenji Jianzhi; Lee, Pooi See
2017Highly transparent, stretchable, and self‐healing ionic‐skin triboelectric nanogenerators for energy harvesting and touch applicationsParida, Kaushik; Kumar, Vipin; Wang, Jiangxin; Bhavanasi, Venkateswarlu; Bendi, Ramaraju; Lee, Pooi See
2018Holey graphene-wrapped porous TiNb24O62 microparticles as high-performance intercalation pseudocapacitive anode materials for lithium-ion capacitorsLi, Shaohui; Chen, Jingwei; Gong, Xuefei; Wang, Jiangxin; Lee, Pooi See
2014Inorganic–organic hybrid polymer with multiple redox for high-density data storageHu, Benlin; Wang, Chengyuan; Wang, Jiangxin; Gao, Junkuo; Wang, Kai; Wu, Jiansheng; Zhang, Guodong; Cheng, Wangqiao; Venkateswarlu, Bhavanasi; Wang, Mingfeng; Lee, Pooi See; Zhang, Qichun
 2013An intrinsically stretchable nanowire photodetector with a fully embedded structureYan, Chaoyi; Wang, Jiangxin; Wang, Xu; Kang, Wenbin; Cui, Mengqi; Foo, Ce Yao; Lee, Pooi See
 2018Printable superelastic conductors with extreme stretchability and robust cycling endurance enabled by liquid-metal particlesWang, Jiangxin; Cai, Guofa; Li, Shaohui; Gao, Dace; Xiong, Jiaqing; Lee, Pooi See
2016Progress and Prospects in Stretchable Electroluminescent DevicesWang, Jiangxin; Lee, Pooi See
 2015Rewritable multilevel memory performance of a tetraazatetracene donor-acceptor derivative with good enduranceWang, Chengyuan; Hu, Benlin; Wang, Jiangxin; Gao, Junkuo; Li, Gang; Xiong, Wei-Wei; Zou, Binghua; Suzuki, Mitsuharu; Aratani, Naoki; Yamada, Hiroko; Huo, Fengwei; Lee, Pooi See; Zhang, Qichun
2017A semitransparent snake-like tactile and olfactory bionic sensor with reversibly stretchable propertiesCai, Guofa; Wang, Jiangxin; Lin, Meng-Fang; Chen, Jingwei; Cui, Mengqi; Qian, Kai; Li, Shaohui; Cui, Peng; Lee, Pooi See
2018Skin-touch-actuated textile-based triboelectric nanogenerator with black phosphorus for durable biomechanical energy harvestingXiong, Jiaqing; Cui, Peng; Chen, Xiaoliang; Wang, Jiangxin; Parida, Kaushik; Lin, Meng-Fang; Lee, Pooi See