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 2014A bi-functional device for self-powered electrochromic window and self-rechargeable transparent battery applicationsWang, Jinmin; Zhang, Lei; Yu, Le; Jiao, Zhihui; Xie, Huaqing; Lou, Xiong Wen (David); Sun, Xiao Wei
 2012A complementary electrochromic device with highly improved performance based on brick-like hydrated tungsten trioxide filmJiao, Zhihui; Wang, Jinmin; Ke, Lin; Sun, Xiaowei; Demir, Hilmi Volkan
 2009Controlled synthesis of WO3 nanorods and their electrochromic properties in H2SO4 electrolyteWang, Jinmin; Khoo, Eugene; Lee, Pooi See; Ma, Jan
 2012Efficient synthesis of plate-like crystalline hydrated tungsten trioxide thin films with highly improved electrochromic performanceWang, Jinmin; Ke, Lin; Jiao, Zhihui; Wang, Xiu; Demir, Hilmi Volkan; Koh, Tien Wei; Sun, Xiaowei
2010Electrochemical energy storage in a β-Na0.33V2O5 nanobelt network and its application for supercapacitorsKhoo, Eugene; Wang, Jinmin; Ma, Jan; Lee, Pooi See
 2011Electrochromic properties of nanostructured tungsten trioxide (hydrate) films and their applications in a complementary electrochromic deviceSun, Xiaowei; Jiao, Zhihui; Wang, Jinmin; Ke, Lin; Liu, Xue-Wei; Demir, Hilmi Volkan; Yang, Ming Fei
 2011A fast-switching light-writable and electric-erasable negative photoelectrochromic cell based on Prussian blue filmsJiao, Zhihui; Song, Jun Ling; Sun, Xiaowei; Liu, Xue-Wei; Wang, Jinmin; Ke, Lin; Demir, Hilmi Volkan
 2009One-pot synthesis of hierarchically assembled tungsten oxide (hydrates) nano/microstructures by a crystal-seed-assisted hydrothermal processWang, Jinmin; Lee, Pooi See; Ma, Jan
2010Room-temperature synthesis of MnO2·3H2O ultrathin nanostructures and their morphological transformation to well-dispersed nanorodsWang, Jinmin; Khoo, Eugene; Ma, Jan; Lee, Pooi See
 2008Synthesis, assembly, and electrochromic properties of uniform crystalline WO3 nanorodsWang, Jinmin; Khoo, Eugene; Lee, Pooi See; Ma, Jan
 2008Synthesis, growth mechanism and room-temperature blue luminescence emission of uniform WO3 nanosheets with W as starting materialLee, Pooi See; Wang, Jinmin; Ma, Jan