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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
202116-bit low-power CMOS multiplier IC designWang, Jun
2021All-optical switching based on interacting exciton polaritons in self-assembled perovskite microwiresFeng, Jiangang; Wang, Jun; Fieramosca, Antonio; Bao, Ruiqi; Zhao, Jiaxin; Su, Rui; Peng, Yutian; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin; Sanvitto, Daniele; Xiong, Qihua
 2012Beam splitting with subwavelength resolution using combined metallodielectric filmsWang, Yueke; Zhang, Dao Hua; Wang, Jun; Yang, Ming; Li, Dongdong; Xu, Zhengji
 2022Bioinspired and biomimetic delivery platforms for cancer vaccinesLiu, Jing; Liew, Si Si; Wang, Jun; Pu, Kanyi
 2012Controlling fibrous capsule formation through long-term down-regulation of collagen type I (COL1A1) expression by nanofiber-mediated siRNA gene silencingRujitanaroj, Pim-On; Jao, Brian; Yang, Junghoon; Wang, Feng; Anderson, James M.; Wang, Jun; Chew, Sing Yian
 2012Designing arbitrary nanoscale patterns by a nanocavity waveguide with omnidirectional illuminationYang, Xuefeng; Zhang, Dao Hua; Xu, Zhengji; Wang, Yueke; Wang, Jun
2022A durable Ni₃S₂ coated mesh with reversible transition between superhydrophobicity and underwater superoleophobicity for efficient oil-water separationYin, Xiaoli; Yu, Sirong; Wang, Bingying; Wang, Liyuan; Wang, Jun; Liu, Enyang; Li, Hao; Chen, Zhong
 2012The effects of nanofiber topography on astrocyte behavior and gene silencing efficiencyCao, Haoqing; Marcy, Guillaume; Goh, Eyleen; Wang, Feng; Wang, Jun; Chew, Sing Yian
2021Efficiency degradation of laser ceramics caused by inappropriate dispersants and sintering aidsNi, Meng; Yin, Danlei; Wang, Jun; Ma, Jie; Dong, Zhili; Tang, Dingyuan
 2021Electroseismic and seismoelectric responses at irregular interfaces: possible application to reservoir explorationWang, Dongdong; Gao, Yongxin; Tong, Ping; Wang, Jun; Yao, Cheng; Wang, Baozhen
 2012Evaluation for climates adaptive capability of traditional Tuzhang dwellingZhang, Tao; Liu, Jiaping; Wang, Jun; Zhang, Qiwei
2018Fabrication and characterization of rare-earth doped sesquioxide laser ceramicsWang, Jun
 2021Fabrication and comprehensive structural and spectroscopic properties of Er:Y₂O₃ transparent ceramicsXue, Yanling; Zhu, Feng; Wang, Jun; Sun, Shiyu; Hu, Lili; Tang, Dingyuan
 2017Fabrication and spectral properties of Dy:Y2O3 transparent ceramicsHu, Zongwen; Xu, Xiaodong; Wang, Jun; Liu, Peng; Li, Dongzhen; Wang, Xiaodan; Zhang, Jian; Xu, Jun; Tang, Dingyuan
 2020Fabrication of Er:Y₂O₃ transparent ceramics for 2.7 μm mid-infrared solid-state lasersYin, Danlei; Wang, Jun; Wang, Ying; Liu, Peng; Ma, Jie; Xu, Xiaodong; Shen, Deyuan; Dong, Zhili; Kong, Ling Bing; Tang, Dingyuan
 2022Fabrication of high-efficiency Yb:Y₂O₃ laser ceramics without photodarkeningLi, Qing; Wang, Jun; Ma, Jie; Ni, Meng; Yang, Fan; Liu, Peng; Lee, Kuo Yang; Hsiang, Hsing-I.; Shen, Deyuan; Tang, Dingyuan
2021Fabrication of highly transparent Y2O3 ceramics with CaO as sintering aidYin, Danlei; Wang, Jun; Ni, Meng; Liu, Peng; Dong, Zhili; Tang, Dingyuan
2017Generation of sub-100-fs pulses from a diode-pumped Yb:Y3ScAl4O12 ceramic laserMa, Jie; Wang, Jun; Shen, Deyuan; Ikesue, Akio; Tang, Dingyuan
2018High-power Ho-doped sesquioxide ceramic laser in-band pumped by a Tm-doped all-fiber MOPAZhao, Yongguang; Wang, Jun; Yao, Weichao; Shao, Zhenhua; Shen, Chongfeng; Yin, Danlei; Wang, Ying; Liu, Peng; Zhou, Wei; Tang, Dingyuan; Shen, Deyuan
2017Holmium doped yttria transparent ceramics for 2-μm solid state lasersWang, Jun; Zhao, Yongguang; Yin, Danlei; Liu, Peng; Ma, Jie; Wang, Ying; Shen, Deyuan; Dong, Zili; Kong, Ling Bing; Tang, Dingyuan