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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018Accurate calculation of spherical and vector spherical harmonic expansions via spectral element gridsWang, Bo; Wang, Li-Lian; Xie, Ziqing
 2019An accurate spectral method for the transverse magnetic mode of Maxwell equations in Cole-Cole dispersive mediaHuang, Can; Wang, Li-Lian
 2013Adaptive wavelet collocation methods for image segmentation using TV–Allen–Cahn type modelsTai, Xue Cheng; Rong, Zhijian; Wang, Li-Lian
2015Analysis of Transient Electromagnetic Scattering from a Three-Dimensional Open CavityLi, Peijun; Wang, Li-Lian; Wood, Aihua
2013Approximations by orthonormal mapped Chebyshev functions for higher-dimensional problems in unbounded domainsShen, Jie; Wang, Li-Lian; Yu, Haijun
 2020Asymptotics of the generalized Gegenbauer functions of fractional degreeLiu, Wenjie; Wang, Li-Lian
 2018Ball prolate spheroidal wave functions in arbitrary dimensionsZhang, Jing; Li, Huiyuan; Wang, Li-Lian; Zhang, Zhimin
 2023Bernstein-type constants for approximation of |x|α by partial Fourier–Legendre and Fourier–Chebyshev sumsLiu, Wenjie; Wang, Li-Lian; Wu, Boying
2015Convergence rate of overlapping domain decomposition methods for the Rudin-Osher-Fatemi model based on a dual formulationChang, Huibin; Tai, Xue-Cheng; Wang, Li-Lian; Yang, Danping
 2012A direct approach toward global minimization for multiphase labeling and segmentation problemsTai, Xue Cheng; Gu, Ying; Wang, Li-Lian
 2022Efficient hermite spectral-galerkin methods for nonlocal diffusion equations in unbounded domainsLi, Huiyuan; Liu, Ruiqing; Wang, Li-Lian
2008Efficient mapped spectral methods for unbounded and exterior domainsBatubara, Johan
 2023An efficient spectral trust-region deflation method for multiple solutionsLi, Lin; Wang, Li-Lian; Li, Huiyuan
2012Fast and accurate computation of time-domain acoustic scattering problems with exact nonreflecting boundary conditionsWang, Li-Lian; Wang, Bo; Zhao, Xiaodan
2015A fast edge detection algorithm using binary labelsShi, Yuying; Gu, Ying; Wang, Li-Lian; Tai, Xue-Cheng
2020Fast fourier-like mapped Chebyshev spectral-Galerkin methods for PDEs with integral fractional Laplacian in unbounded domainsSheng, Changtao; Shen, Jie; Tang, Tao; Wang, Li-Lian; Yuan, Huifang
 2017Generalizing Mumford-Shah Model for Multiphase Piecewise Smooth Image SegmentationXiong, Wei; Gu, Ying; Wang, Li-Lian; Cheng, Jierong
 2012Geometry of total variation regularized L^p-modelTai, Xue Cheng; Shi, Yuying; Wang, Li-Lian
 2017Laguerre functions and their applications to tempered fractional differential equations on infinite intervalsChen, Sheng; Shen, Jie; Wang, Li-Lian
 2017A New Collocation Scheme Using Non-polynomial Basis FunctionsZhang, Chao; Liu, Wenjie; Wang, Li-Lian