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2005Destruction of spin cycloid in (111)c-oriented BiFeO3 thin films by epitaxial constraint : enhanced polarization and release of latent magnetizationBai, Feiming; Wang, Junling; Wuttig, M.; Li, Jiefang; Wang, Naigang; Pyatakov, A. P.; Zvezdin, A. K.; Cross, L. E.; Viehland, D.
2004Dramatically enhanced polarization in (001), (101) and (111) BiFeO3 thin films due to epitaxial-induced transitionsLi, Jiefang; Wang, Junling; Wuttig, M.; Ramesh, R.; Wang, Naigang; Ruette, B.; Pyatakov, A. P.; Zvezdin, A. K.; Viehland, D.