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2015Antimicrobial Peptides from PlantsTam, James Pingkwan; Wang, Shujing; Wong, Ka Ho; Tan, Wei Liang
2015Antiviral cystine knot α-amylase inhibitors from alstonia scholarisNguyen, Phuong Quoc Thuc; Ooi, Justin Seng Geap; Nguyen, Ngan Thi Kim; Wang, Shujing; Huang, Mei; Liu, Ding Xiang; Tam, James P.
2014Butelase 1 is an Asx-specific ligase enabling peptide macrocyclization and synthesisQiu, Yibo; Lian, Yilong; Hemu, Xinya; Wang, Shujing; Nguyen, Giang Kien Truc; Tam, James Pingkwan
2018Ginsentides : cysteine and glycine-rich peptides from the ginseng family with unusual disulfide connectivityTam, James P.; Loo, Shining; Wang, Shujing; Yang, Daiwen; Kam, Antony; Nguyen, Giang Kien Truc
2021Identification and characterization of a wolfberry carboxypeptidase inhibitor from Lycium barbarumHuang, Jiayi; Wong, Ka Ho; Tan, Wei Liang; Tay, Stephanie Victoria; Wang, Shujing; Tam, James P.