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2014Application of potential theory to steady flow past two cylinders in tandem arrangementGao, Yangyang; Tan, Danielle S; Hao, Zhiyong; Wang, Xikun; Tan, Soon Keat
 2022Dynamic pressure fields in a local scour hole formed by a submerged wall jetSi, Jin-Hua; Lim, Siow Yong; Zhang, Jianmin; Wang, Xikun
2014Measurements of fluctuation in drag acting on rigid cylinder array in open channel flowZhao, Kuifeng; Cheng, Nian-Sheng; Wang, Xikun; Tan, Soon Keat
 2009A numerical analysis of the response and air gap demand for semi-submersiblesKurniawan, Adi; Huang, Zhenhua; Li, Jing; Liu, Chunrong; Wang, Xikun; Hao, Zhiyong; Tan, Soon Keat; Nah, Edwin
 2012Numerical study of an oscillating smaller cylinder in the wake of an upstream larger cylinderGao, Yangyang; Yu, Dingyong; Wang, Xikun; Tan, Soon Keat
2017Optimal design of multistage centrifugal pump based on the combined energy loss model and computational fluid dynamicsWang, Chuan; Shi, Weidong; Wang, Xikun; Jiang, Xiaoping; Yang, Yang; Li, Wei; Zhou, Ling
 2011Validation of an axial flow blood pump : computational fluid dynamics results using particle image velocimetrySu, Boyang; Chua, Leok Poh; Wang, Xikun