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2017Depletion sphere : explaining the number of Ag islands on Au nanoparticlesFeng, Yuhua; Wang, Yawen; Song, Xiaohui; Xing, Shuangxi; Chen, Hongyu
 2012Developing mutually encapsulating materials for versatile syntheses of multilayer metal-silica-polymer hybrid nanostructuresWang, Yawen; Chen, Hongyu; Zhu, Liangfang; Wang, Hong; Shen, Xiaoshuang; Chen, Liyong
2018Optimized operation of VRB into DC microgridWang, Yawen
 2013Preservation of lattice orientation in coalescing imperfectly aligned gold nanowires by a zipper mechanismXu, Jun; Wang, Yawen; Qi, Xiaoying; Liu, Cuicui; He, Jiating; Zhang, Hua; Chen, Hongyu
 2014Strategy for nano-catalysis in a fixed-bed systemYao, Lin; Wang, Yawen; Khezri, Bahareh; He, Jiating; Ji, Weijie; Webster, Richard D.; Chen, Hongyu
2014Synthesis and mechanism study of Au nanowires and their derivativesWang, Yawen
2016Synthesis of Highly Uniform Mo-glycerate Spheres and Their Conversion to Hierarchical MoS2 Hollow Nanospheres for Lithium-Ion BatteriesWang, Yawen; Yu, Le; Lou, Xiong Wen David
2018Synthesis of substrate-bound Au nanowires via an active surface growth mechanismWang, Xinglong; Wu, Xuesong; He, Jiating; Tao, Xiaolin; Li, Hongyan; Zhao, Gui; Wang, Yawen; Chen, Hongyu
 2015Thermodynamics versus kinetics in nanosynthesisWang, Yawen; He, Jiating; Liu, Cuicui; Chong, Wen Han; Chen, Hongyu
 2015Ultrathin MoS2 nanosheets supported on N-doped carbon nanoboxes with enhanced lithium storage and electrocatalytic propertiesYu, Xin-Yao; Hu, Han; Wang, Yawen; Chen, Hongyu; Lou, Xiong Wen David
2015Using Polystyrene-block-poly(acrylic acid)-coated Metal Nanoparticles as Monomers for Their Homo- and Co-polymerizationWang, Yawen; Song, Xiohui; Wang, Hong; Chen, Hongyu