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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A 1.5 +/- 0.39 p+/-/°C Temperature-Compensated LC Oscillator Using Constant-Biased VaractorsWang, Yong; Chai, Kevin T. C.; Mu, Xiaojing; Je, Minkyu; Goh, Wang Ling
2020A 311.6 GHz phase-locked loop in 0.13 μm SiGe BiCMOS process with –90 dBc/Hz in-band phase noiseLiang, Yuan; Boon, Chirn Chye; Chen, Qian; Liu, Zhe; Li, Chenyang; Mausolf, Thomas; Kissinger, Dietmar; Wang, Yong; Ng, Herman Jalli
 2012A 9% power efficiency 121-to-137GHz phase-controlled push-push frequency quadrupler in 0.13μm SiGe BiCMOSWang, Yong; Goh, Wang Ling; Xiong, Yong-Zhong
2006Co-delivery of drugs and DNA from cationic core–shell nanoparticles self-assembled from a biodegradable copolymerWang, Yong; Gao, Shujun; Ye, Wen-Hui; Yoon, Ho Sup; Yang, Yi-Yan
2018A compensation scheme for non-ideal circuit effects in biomedical impedance sensorHong, Yan; Goh, Wang Ling; Wang, Yong
2018Construction of complex Co3O4@Co3V2O8 hollow structures from metal-organic frameworks with enhanced lithium storage propertiesLu, Yan; Yu, Le; Wu, Minghong; Wang, Yong; Lou, David Xiong Wen
2018Corrosion due to ageing influences the performance of tubular platinum microrobotsMaric, Tijana; Wang, Yong; Khezri, Bahareh; Pumera, Martin; Muhammad Zafir Mohamad Nasir
2018D-band surface-wave modulator and signal source with 40 dB extinction ratio and 3.7 mW output power in 65 nm CMOSLiang, Yuan; Yu, Hao; Boon, Chirn Chye; Li, Chenyang; Kissinger, Dietmar; Wang, Yong
2019Design and analysis of D-Band on-chip modulator and signal source based on split-ring resonatorLiang, Yuan; Boon, Chirn Chye; Li, Chenyang; Tang, Xiao-Lan; Ng, Herman Jalli; Kissinger, Dietmar; Wang, Yong; Zhang, Qingfeng; Yu, Hao
2011Development of cyclodextrin stationary phases via 'click' chemistry for chiral capillary electrochromatography and high performance liquid chromatographyWang, Yong
2014Dual mode acoustic wave sensor for precise pressure readingMu, Xiaojing; Kropelnicki, Piotr; Wang, Yong; Randles, Andrew Benson; Chai, Kevin Tshun Chuan; Gu, Yuan Dong; Cai, H.
2007Efficient intracellular delivery of functional proteins using cationic polymer core/shell nanoparticlesLee, Ashlynn L. Z.; Wang, Yong; Ye, Wen-Hui; Yoon, Ho Sup; Chan, Sui Yung; Yang, Yi-Yan
2019Electrochemistry of layered materials for energy applicationsWang, Yong
 2019Electrochemistry of layered semiconducting AᴵᴵᴵBᵛᴵ chalcogenides : indium monochalcogenides (InS, InSe, InTe)Wang, Yong; Szökölová, Katerina; Muhammad Zafir Mohamad Nasir; Sofer, Zdenek; Pumera, Martin
 2012Engineering “hot” nanoparticles for surface-enhanced Raman scattering by embedding reporter molecules in metal layersFeng, Yuhua; Wang, Yong; Wang, Hong; Chen, Tao; Tay, Yee Yan; Yao, Lin; Yan, Qingyu; Li, Shuzhou; Chen, Hongyu
2012Fabrication of multi-component nanomaterials in colloidal solutionWang, Yong
2008A framework for component-based distributed simulation on the grid : execution supportWang, Yong
2021Household garbage classification based on deep learningWang, Yong
2016In vivo covalent cross-linking of photon-converted rare-earth nanostructures for tumour localization and theranosticsAi, Xiangzhao; Ho, Chris Jun Hui; Aw, Junxin; Attia, Amalina Binte Ebrahim; Mu, Jing; Wang, Yu; Wang, Xiaoyong; Wang, Yong; Liu, Xiaogang; Chen, Huabing; Gao, Mingyuan; Chen, Xiaoyuan; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee; Liu, Gang; Olivo, Malini; Xing, Bengang
 2019Layered crystalline and amorphous platinum disulfide (PtS₂) : contrasting electrochemistryWang, Yong; Szokolova, Katerina; Muhammad Zafir Mohamad Nasir; Sofer, Zdenek; Pumera, Martin