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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Advanced control designs for power systems incorporating FACTS devicesCong, Lin.
2003Advanced control of electrical drive systemsZhou, Jianguo.
2002Advanced control of electrical machine systemsZhou, Jianying.
2004Advanced control of optical disk drive servosDong, Fengdan
2000Advanced controller design for diesel enginesKuang, Bo.
1998Advanced controller design for multimachine power systemsZhang, Li
2007Advanced nonlinear control for electrical drive systemsWang, Youyi
2007Advanced nonlinear control of complex power systemsLi, Hong Yin
2001Advanced nonlinear controller design and implementation for HDD track following controlWang, Jianyi.
2014An advanced-time-sharing switching strategy for multiple-input buck convertersXian, Liang; Wang, Youyi
2019Ageing and efficiency aware battery dispatch for arbitrage markets using mixed integer linear programmingHesse, Holger C.; Kumtepeli, Volkan; Schimpe, Michael; Reniers, Jorn; Howey, David; Tripathi, Anshuman; Wang, Youyi; Jossen, Andreas
2015Application of T-S fuzzy controllers on an HVAC systemTeng, Long; Wang, Youyi; Chen, Can; Cai, Wenjian; Li, Hua
2012Bonding and diffusion of nitrogen in the InSbN alloys fabricated by two-step ion implantationWang, Youyi; Zhang, Dao Hua; Zhang, Sam; Wee, A. T. S.; Ramam, A.; Chen, X. Z.; Jin, Y. J.; Li, J. H.; Liu, C. J.
2012Current-limited voltage control strategies for multiple-input buck converters applied in renewable energy hybrid systemsXian, Liang; Wang, Youyi
2017Decentralized robust fuzzy controller with nonlinear local models for large-scale interconnected systemsTeng, Long; Wang, Youyi; Cai, Wenjian; Li, Hua
 2017Design and experiment of controlled bistable vortex induced vibration energy harvesting systems operating in chaotic regionsHuynh, Bao Huy; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Zhong, Zhao Wei; Wang, Youyi; Srikanth, Narasimalu
1997Design of high performance load-frequency controllers for multi-area power systemsLim, Kia Yong.
 2018Dynamic model for a novel liquid desiccant regeneration system operating in vacuum conditionYon, Hao Ren; Cai, Wenjian; Wang, Youyi; Wang, Xinli; Shen, Suping
2018Efficient robust fuzzy model predictive control of discrete nonlinear time-delay systems via Razumikhin approachTeng, Long; Wang, Youyi; Cai, Wenjian; Li, Hua
 2012Electrical properties of InSbN alloys fabricated by two-step ion implantationWang, Youyi; Zhang, Dao Hua; Jin, Y. J.; Chen, X. Z.; Li, J. H.