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2014Direct and diffuse light propagation through coral tissueWangpraseurt, Daniel; Kühl, Michael
2014The in situ light microenvironment of coralsWangpraseurt, Daniel; Polerecky, Lubos; Larkum, Anthony W. D.; Ralph, Peter J.; Nielsen, Daniel A.; Pernice, Mathieu; Kühl, Michael
2014Lateral light transfer ensures efficient resource distribution in symbiont-bearing coralsLarkum, Anthony William D.; Wangpraseurt, Daniel; Franklin, Jim; Szabó, Milán; Ralph, Peter J.; Kühl, Michael
2014Spectral effects on symbiodinium photobiology studied with a programmable light engineWangpraseurt, Daniel; Tamburic, Bojan; Szabó, Milán; Suggett, David; Ralph, Peter J.; Kühl, Michael